Turn Up the Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness month has officially started! Kneaded Touch Therapy is partnering with AVON's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.


Kneaded Touch is making a $100 donation to the campaign. We invite you to donate as much or as little as you can for this fantastic cause! Every donation helps support breast cancer grants, patient services, and research.


Together, we can make a difference

Why I am Making Strides

My name is Jackie Sproch and this is my journey.....my story.


Raising awareness for breast cancer is something that speaks to my heart in a very personal way. As a two-time breast cancer survivor and fervent lover of life, I have great passion for helping people do more than simply survive. I want to help them thrive! Those who know the pain of fighting this disease know the impact it has on one's life and the lives of those around you. Raising awareness for disease prevention is key and prevention is the main focus for this walk. In my circumstance my cancer was not treated aggressively by the first team of doctors I was working with. Because of the lack of follow up care, my cancer returned. So I am extremely passionate about raising awareness in this regard. It is my goal to help others know that they need to be their own advocate, educating themselves and quite literally, fighting for their lives.


My goal in regard to raising funds is to honor those touched by breast cancer. I believe that there will come a day when the pain caused by breast cancer will be a thing of the past. Until that day arrives, I am walking to inspire hope to those facing this disease by raising money for Avon and the American Cancer Society through the Making Strides for Breast Cancer event to help save lives from the effect of breast cancer.


My name is Jackie Sproch. My goal is to thrive in this thing we call life. I do not want to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass me by. I want to be a "Rockstar!" Therefore, my team is #Team Sprochstar and I hope you will consider donating toward my goal!


Together, we can make a difference.